Why does my search yield no results?


The routes, dates and type of vehicles often varies and we do not know when and what will be available until it is listed on our site. If you wish to relocate a vehicle, we recommend being as flexible as you can with your travel plans.


Why did I not find any availability for the vehicle type I specified?


Some vehicle types, such as recreational vehicles and campervans, are often limited in supply. You can increase your chances of finding an alternative vehicle by increasing the search to all vehicle types.


Why did I not find any vehicles on the dates I specified?


If you search result for future dates does not yield any results, it does not mean that vehicles might not be available closer to your travel dates. The rental car operators often list their relocations on our site a few weeks before they need to be moved. We recommend you to come back to our site closer to the date you are travelling or subscribe to our email notification. You need to register as a user on the website then go to the 'My Settings' area then 'notifications'. You can also specify which routes to be notified about.


Why did I not find any vehicles on the route specified?


The need for rental car operators to relocate their fleet is often caused by one-way travellers travelling more from A to B than from B to A. Hence you will find that the availability of relocation vehicles are often limited to specific routes. You may improve your chances of finding a vehicle by switching around your pick-up and drop-off location or simply keeping your pick-up or drop-off location blank.



You might be planning your trip of a lifetime and do not have much flexibility to type of vehicle, dates and route. In that case we do trust you will find the greatest deal among our trusted partners www.rentalcars.com or www.motorhomerepublic.com.