It can take up to 24 hours to get a response (but often much quicker) from the rental car operators but it depends on the rental car company and their contact person. They receive an automatic email immediately after your request has been placed, and can choose to accept the first driver that comes or wait to compare alternatives. Sometimes the contact person is simply not available immediately, as not every company has a dedicated person for relocations.

Also note that we do not pass on your credit card details to the rental car operators and do not take the bonds/deposits etc. This is facilitated directly between you and them once you have been accepted. Also you can request up to three vehicles as long as you use similar pickup dates, as once you are accepted, all other requests will automatically drop off.

Be also aware that over the weekend some of the smaller companies will not process requests until the following Monday.

Can you please check in your My Transfercar area just in case you have been answered.